About Ace Quiz Creator

Ace Quiz Creator originally developed by Thomas Roberts as a means to study for an upcoming quiz and final exam. He was training for a new job position and looking for a system that would both allow him to study multiple topics at one time while providing instant feedback in order to help remember the correct answer. Forming the idea on Friday, in one short weekend he created the first rudimentary version of Ace Quiz Creator. The following Monday he aced his quiz.

with the final exam on the very next day, he shared his creation with his fellow trainees. To his suprise, when given the chance to study, each of the other trainees went directly to his newly created quiz program.

Thomas immediately saw the potential to help future trainees and to help himself grow in his new position. He realized that not only would the system have to be easy for the trainee, it also needed to be easy for the trainer. Quizzes. questions and quiz categories would need to be easliy created, along with a system for managing each of them. Trainers would also need a way to allow access to some categories while preventing access to others. On top of all of this, there needed to be a way to manage the trainers as well.

With all this accomplished. Ace Quiz Creator was born.